Meet the UC-LEND Team


Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA

Program Director

image of Dr. Kuo, an asian woman, on a grayscale background

Bobby Verdugo, LCSW

Clinical Director

Image of Bobby Verdugo, a latino male, against a gray background

Kashia Rosenau, PhD

Training Director

photo of a white woman against a bookshelf

Emily Hotez, PhD

Research Director

image of a woman with long dark brown hair and glasses against a gray background

Jan Blacher, PhD

UCR Site Director

an image of Dr. Blacher, a white woman, on a gray background

Denise Nunez, MD, MPH

Preventative-Medicine Faculty

image of Dr. nunez, a latina woman, on a beige background


Priyanka Fernandes, MD, MPH

Community Health Faculty

am aimge of Dr. Fernandes, a brown skinned woman, against a blue background


Rujuta Wilson, MD

Neurology Faculty

Image of dr. wilson, a brown skin woman, outdoors

Alanna DeLeon

Program and Clinic Coordinator

Stephanie Nguyen

Graduate Student Researcher

photo of an asian woman standing in front of the UCLA building

Asal Bastani

Research Assistant

photo of a brown skin woman standing in front of a pillar