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Black Autistics Exist: An Argument for Intersectional Disability Justice

Learn more about intersectionality of being black, femme and autistic from this amazing essay by Christiana Obeysumner. The essay detailed their experience navigating each of their beautiful identities, as well as their advocacy work for these communities! 

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Black and Latino Children Are Often Overlooked When It Comes to Autism

The article from NPR details difficulties in the diagnosis process of black and latino children, which includes late diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and other healthcare issues. 

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"Autistic Voices Should Be Heard" - Autistic Adults Join Research Teams to Shift Focus of Studies

The article details a new trend in autism research: growing number of research teams with autistic members. These groups are shifting the focus in autism research from cause and cure to practical steps, including ones that help autistic people in settings such as the workplace. The article also highlights institutions that not only study autism, but also hire autistic researchers, including UCLA!

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Pandemic Anxiety: 10 Experts Coping Strategies

News on the novel respiratory illness is shifting daily, and the lack of steady, authoritative guidelines leaves a lot of space for irrational fears and behaviors to take over. For adults with comorbid anxiety, this effect is particularly acute. Here, find 10 expert tips to improve your mental health during these times.

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How to Succeed as a College Student with Autism

According to the article, 1 in 59 children develop Autism and yet, they only make up 1.7% of the college population. Even more astounding is the fact that 80% of these students drop out of college. The article stated the biggest challenges autistic students face in college and their suggestions to succeed.

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Tips for College Students with ADHD

Navigating life as a busy, stressed college student can be difficult for most people, but it may present unique challenges to students who are neurodiverse. Check out this article for some tips on how to manage crazy college life while having ADHD! 

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Autism Differences in Genders

This study highlights the difference in how autism presents in boys and girls. It found that girls present different symptoms than boys and typically are better able to hide it resulting in girls being diagnosed later in life. The study discuss the importance to recognize these differences to better diagn girls, so they can have resources available to them earlier.

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First Basketball Player with Autism Recruited for D1 Basketball

Kalin Bennett is the first student-athlete with autism to sign to play a D1 sport in college! And he had a bunch of offers but chose Kent State specifically because they have really strong programs for students with autism, including a partnering program between neurodiverse and neurotypical students!

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How to Meet Autistic People Halfway

When interviewed by researchers, many autistic people explained that despite the “antisocial” behavior that they display, they are indeed interested in forming social connections. They attributed these “antisocial” mannerisms to the neurological effects of autism and explained that, in some cases, these behaviors, such as not maintaining eye contact or repeating lines, are their way of trying to engage in a meaningful manner and form deep connections. The authors conclude that the solution is not to teach autistic people to change their mannerisms, but rather to teach everyone else to redefine what it means to be “social” and be open to the various forms this trait can take.

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Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms and Definitions

We hope this guide will help you begin your journey to understanding and accepting Neurodiversity!

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