As a collaborative team, we focus on patient-centered care. We emphasize the importance patients and families play in their own care, and we empower them to have an active voice with our team. 

Our clinic serves patients and families throughout their lifespan, as we serve infants to adults. Our team is here to support patients and families throughout the varying transitions they face. 

Please refer to our FAQs below for common questions. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with us, or if you have additional questions, please contact us using the link below or call (310) 315-8900 to reach our patient service representative, Dolores Beltran.




Each visit is approximately 35-45 minutes. Our team is committed to providing the guidance and support you and your loved ones need. One way to do that is to ensure there is enough time to discuss your concerns and allow time to plan next steps.

Please bring any supporting documents so that our team can best understand you or your loved one’s concerns.

We encourage you to send ahead of time any reports, previous assessments, previous or current IEPs, grade reports, school observations, or any document that will give us more insight as to the patient's needs. 

With your permission, we will photocopy documents and attach to the medical record.

While our clinic is not an assessment clinic and we do not conduct neuropsychological assessments, we can refer patients to skilled evaluators, if needed. 

The UC-LEND Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic, with a team of various professionals who are able to bring different perspectives from a variety of disciplines such as primary care, community health, pediatrics, social work, developmental psychology, and public health.

In addition, as part of the UCLA Health System, UC-LEND clinic is also a training clinic. There may be a medical student, resident, and/or a LEND trainee present during the visit. 

The UC-LEND clinic visits are done via HIPAA protected zoom. You are also welcome to invite anyone from the patient's care team outside of UC-LEND who can bring insight regarding your care.