I'm Shanmugapriya Dakshnamoorthy, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Fellow at UCLA. I graduated from Pediatric Residency at Texas Tech University, El Paso, Texas, in 2023. Prior to that, I was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, where I completed my medical school education.

My journey in medicine became intertwined with a passion for research. It all began when I conducted a study on the prevalence of pediatric obesity in both rural and urban settings in Chennai, which earned me research funding from the Indian Council of Medical Research.

During my residency, I embarked on a study focusing on the prevalence of ADHD in the Hispanic community, a project that's currently in its final stages. Presently, my research interests are centered around understanding emotional dysregulation in ADHD.

Beyond medicine, my hobbies are singing, hiking, and cooking my favorite dishes is a personal delight.